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The Web Tech I use

Client Side

Mobile/Responsive Websites, Javascript (React, AngularJS, Ionic, jQuery, backbone.js, bootstrap, ImpactJS, Phonegap, Hubot), Websockets, HTML 5, JSON, CSS3, XML

Server Side

Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Python (Django, Py2PDF, svg2rlg), PHP (Zend, Wordpress, Drupal), Raspberry Pi, Source Control (GIT, SVN, HG, BitBucket, GitHub, Google Code), MySQL, MongoDB, memcached, redis, Bitcoin, Litecoin, pubsub

Dev Environments

Docker (Rancher, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes), Linux (Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Windows (NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8), IDEs (Visual Studio Code, SublimeText, Atom.io, Terminal, Eclipse, IntelliJ, PyDev, Aptana, Dreamweaver), BASH Terminal, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office

Vendor Experience

Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, CloudFront, SES, Elasticache, RDS, CloudWatch), Google Products (Analytics, A/B Testing, Adwords, Adsense, DoubleClick, Apps for Business, Google Maps API), Social APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

Hello, I am Brad Wedell...

I'm a web developer and entrepreneur living in Central Point, Oregon. I have worked with startups like Influence.co, Weedmaps, MapMyFitness, CauseLabs, and UsingMiles.

Technology, computers, and the internet aren't just a job for me, they're an integral part of every aspect of my life. I'm excited to be living, breathing, and creating during the technological revolution our society is seeing today!

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The works I am proud of

Bitcoin Price Monitoring and Alert Site


I just released a site that I have big plans for, called MinersDashboard.com

Currently, the only real feature is the ability to set low/high alerts on various exchanges (with CEX.io and cloud hashing prices being listed first). I built the site because I couldn't find a tool that did this specifically with CEX.io, and I figured adding a few more exchanges and features could make it a really useful tool. I'm open to help if you're interested (currently building the site with Rails 4 + Bootstrap 3 + AngularJS), just send me a message

Actor's Portfolio Website


This is a website I did for Kyra Lindsay!

The website was built with Wordpress, and extends a responsive theme, so the theme looks good on mobile, tablets, and computers.  It also allows her to easily upload new photos.

Wedding Website with RSVP's


I designed and built a website for my wedding for guests to get more info, get directions, and RSVP along with their song requests.

This site was built with Wordpress by customizing a respsonive theme so it was viewable on mobile devices as well as the web.  I created a custom extension for the Google Mapping part as well.

MyCNL.com - My City's Nightlife


Worked as CTO and Co-founder of the website MyCNL.com.

Implemented features to allow client locations to upload event information, specials, coupons, happy hours, menu info, and more via a web interface. Also built tools for consumer to track their "favorited" venues and make plans with their friends.

Also created a Facebook Application to enhance the social reach of the site.


Loyalty Dashboard


The loyalty dashboard lets user manage their loyalty programs and view points at one quick glance.

The loyalty dashboard was a highly advanced product with multiple facets that allowed for a wide variety of interactions on 3rd party sites.  We added hundreds of advanced intelligent bots to assist users in aggregating their loyalty program data in one place, which also allowed for users to set alerts when miles are expiring as well as find deals and offers to accrue additional loyalty rewards through partner offers.

Travel Search


Travel search gave users the ability to quickly and easily search for flights and hotels, award travel, as well as opportunities to accrue additional points as well.

The search features were a highly advanced implementation of many systems working across technologies.  The search feature was powered by Java, which interfaced with the site via PHP, and the interactions in the browser were all handled with jQuery and AJAX calls for data.

Bonus Deals


The bonus deals project was a fun implementation from the team.

Bonus deals are a feature that allows users to search through offers that allow them to accrue additional loyalty points.  The site also ties in with a logged in user's loyalty programs to allow the user to view bonus offers from only those programs they participate in.

Local business listings


Site listing local dispensaries.

The site was developed using Angular and Ruby on Rails. The data is collected and groomed from the Colorado MED site (https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/enforcement/marijuanaenforcement) via shell scripts and is automatically uploaded into the database to allow consumers access to the latest information about licensed dispensaries in Colorado.

Github Projects


I like playing with stuff on GitHub!

There are a ton of projects I've contributed to!

PHP Google Maps Class


The world of building web applications that utilize Google Maps can be a tedious and laborious process. The intent of this class is to make it easier for developers to quickly and easily integrate a map into their page with very little effort.

This project was born from the PHP GoogleMapAPI from Monte Ohrt, and I consider this to be an updated "revision" to the original. This class is released under the same license as the original to avoid any conflicts.



Marijuana Point of Sale System

Worked as Engineering Lead for MMJMenu team.

Global Coordinated Donation Event Tracking Tool


Worked as developer for the website. Worked closely with design and management teams to create a clean and highly functional user interface to allow musicians to create events and fans to participate and donate to the cause.

This event raised thousands of dollars for the charity, and connected people across the globe!

Interactive Bible Application


Worked on the development team as the Lead Software Engineer for the Bible.is suite of applications, including a Facebook Application, a full featured REST api to support functionality across the suite, and helped to coordinate development of 10+ iPhone and Android applications.

  • Worked as sole developer of website from inception to creation. Played an active role in working with creative team to produce a clean and consistent UI across all the site's features.
  • Created a Facebook Application per client request to help encourage more social engagement with the Bible through the use of reading groups and programs.
  • Developed a fully featured REST api utilizing Zend Framework to support the ability to sync user data and features across a variety of platforms.
  • Created prototype and implemented some features for mobile web consumption.


Social Networking Website


Lead web team to develop new features and enhance existing features with new functionality.

Worked with team to develop and enhance site features to support interactive functionality utilizing Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Capistrano, and Cucumber/Capybara. The site was migrated off of Rackspace Cloud Sites and on to a full featured Rails development platform hosted in AWS, which included building a full suite of BDD and implementing into a Jenkins CI workflow where all pull requests were tests automatically, and once merged, code was automatically deployed to a staging environment for final testing.

Online Live Event Participation With GPS Tracking


Developed web interface for users to signup and participate in daily challenges to win prizes including jerseys, cycling gear, and even an all expenses paid trip to France.

This was the first event of it's kind ever!

Fitness Social Applications


Integrated Facebook Connect as a login mechanism for the site. Also built a suite of social applications for Facebook and Google Gadgets.

Social features enhanced the site greatly!  The solution I implemented for MapMyFitness using Facebook Connect was one of the first sites to use it!

Embeddable widgets

Lead project to create functional 3rd party embeddable components.

The widgets were built using basic web technologies to avoid any issues with technology any host/embedding application may encounter. Main technologies used are Rails and Backbone.

Multi-Tenant Portal


Worked on projects to enhance multi-tenant website supporting multiple clients in the energy industry.

Multi-tenant website to support multiple energy providers and their users. Site was fully customizable by each client ranging from visual to functional feature flags.

Community Question / Answers


Community based question / answers product similar to quora.

Project was completed utilizing React to enable engagement without having to refresh the page.

Social Networking tools


Features for social networking.

Built a suite of tools to enable users to create posts with text, images, and urls to share as well as the feed pages and associated activity data to distribute those posts across the network efficiently.

Creator Communities


Creator communities enable creators and brands to engage their audience via real-time chat.

The project was built as a fully standalone single page app to allow for full adoption of react and material ui.



BOBB-e is our blog covering our adventures traveling the country in a 30' Barth Breakaway Class A Diesel Pusher

BOBB-e is our blog covering our adventures traveling the country in a 30' Barth Breakaway Class A Diesel Pusher



I came up with the idea during a competition at DolphinMicro to come up with the best business idea. Having just learned a bunch of new technologies for the job, education and learning were on my mind, and seeing as how I've always wanted to be a game developer, I ran with the idea of a tiny robot that could teach and train people to think more logically.

BotLogic.us is an educational puzzle game that challenges kids and adults to tackle complex logic problems while teaching valuable programming concepts. Using simple commands (and eventually code), players program their bots to navigate through progressively challenging mazes. As their skills improve, players earn rewards by using the fewest number of commands and go head-to-head with friends in programming tournaments.

It's smart. It's fun. BotLogic.us is all about helping children and adults to develop and maintain strong logic and spatial reasoning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Book Customizer


Worked extensively to overhaul and add new features to the custom book generation engine. Participated in large scale load testing to ensure platform could hold up and scale appropriately.

The client's site focus on clean, reuseable elements that make customer's decisions on what to use simple and straight forward.

The Gentle Spaw


Website Redesign

Project to redesign and redevelop the website using new technology. Technologies used included nodejs, material ui, LightSail, and Github Actions.

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